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Gravity Walls

Gravity walls are engineered structures requiring less dependence on ancillary elements of non-gravity wall systems other than the material being used to create a heavy mass. Precast concrete gravity walls require engineering that accounts for mass and stability that includes a design to counter lateral forces, drainage, and a locking system that holds segments in place

There are Standards for the design and construction of segmental gravity walls like ASTM D6638 that is a Standard Test Method for Determining Connection Strength Between Geosynthetic Reinforcement and Segmental Concrete Units. The test method is used to determine the connection properties between a layer of geosynthetic reinforcement and segmental concrete block units used in construction of reinforced soil retaining walls.

Precast concrete gravity walls are specified on projects that are designed to be resilient to forces of nature and man. Gravity walls are used for constructing structures quickly when associated with highway and railroad rights of way, as well as commercial and industrial settings and along waterways. Design engineers can depend on precast concrete gravity walls for systems that have a service life that matches design life of projects.

When planning and designing gravity wall systems, there are complex engineering considerations for a system to perform as specified. For that reason, Texas Retaining Systems has an Engineering Team that works closely with the Sales Team, clients and their consultants, contractors, and regulators.

Matt Childs

Matt Childs, P.E. Engineering Consultant

Matt Childs, P.E., a member of the Texas Retaining Systems Sales Team, provides the engineering services required through his engineering consultancy, Matt Childs Engineering PLLC. Both Texas Retaining Systems and Matt Childs Engineering are integrated to assure customers of Texas Retaining Systems that their projects using Stone Strong products meet regulatory requirements and best practices for the system design and health and safety of installers.


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