Post Installation

It is in the owner’s best interest to know that their Stone Strong System has been installed properly and that there are no threats to the structure of the system that may shorten the design life of the project.

Post Installation inspection provides proof of proper installation and structural integrity to the owner prior to project close-out or final acceptance.

Inspection Guide for Segmental Retaining Walls

National Concrete Masonry Association

“Segmental retaining walls (SRWs) are gravity retaining walls which can be classified as either: conventional (structures that resist external destabilizing forces due to retained soils solely through the self-weight and batter of the SRW units); or geosynthetic reinforced soil SRWs (composite systems consisting of SRW units in combination with a mass of reinforced soil stabilized by horizontal layers of geosynthetic reinforcement materials). Both types of SRWs use dry-stacked segmental units that are typically constructed in a running bond configuration. The majority of available SRW units are dry-cast machine-produced concrete.”